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Carpet Cleaner Breaks into House


Palm Harbor, FL Carpet Cleaner Breaks into House

What the neighbors saw:

A van pulled up to the house under the guise of a carpet cleaning company.

After “Jimmying” the door awhile with no success, the suspect proceeded to check for open windows.

In the back of the house, the suspect found an unlocked window and slipped into the house, thereby committing the crime of burglary.

What the carpet cleaner did:

After retrieving the key that was left by the property manager inside the lockbox, the carpet cleaner failed on several attempts to unlock the door. It was the wrong key.

The carpet cleaner gets the property manager on the phone while looking for a way into the house, so the property manager would not have to drive all the way out with the proper key.

Carpet cleaner finds an unlocked window in the back and, with the manager’s permission, climbs through the window and opens the front door.

 What happened inside the house?

Carpet cleaner gets through the window and does a barrel roll across a filthy carpet. Thankfully he didn’t do a face plant into the big grease spot right by the doorway.


 The crime:

So we all know that there was no burglary committed, but the carpet cleaner did steal something. He left with all the dirt, stains and other nasties that had been left behind in the carpet… and he isn’t giving it back.


 What did we learn?

Not all carpet cleaners are bad. Some will go the extra mile in order to make the customer happy. Would the company that you call do whatever it takes?

Those of you in need of carpet cleaning Palm Harbor, Florida can sleep tight. We’ve got your back.