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The number one way to extend the life and beauty of your carpet

Carpeting in your home is a major expense.

1,000 sq. ft. of carpet and pad, installed, can run anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000.

So why wouldn’t you want to keep your carpet in peak condition? This is something that simple to do and could provide an extra seven years or more of life before having to pay out $5,000 to replace it.

The obvious assumption that many people make is that the only way to extend the longevity of your carpet is to have them professionally cleaned when they start appearing dirty. That would be false.

Once you notice your carpet is dirty, it is typically beyond what you see.

Dirt and sand get into your fibers and act like sandpaper. The more you step on the carpet, the more the dirt and grit rubs on the carpet fiber. This causes your fibers to wear out, lose their luster and get dirty more quickly. Look at your traffic area and compare them to the carpet along the walls or under furniture. Notice the difference?


The SECOND best way to keep your carpets clean and extend the life is by having your carpets professionally cleaned. Don’t wait until you notice the difference. Carpet cleaning should take place every 6-18 months depending on the amount of traffic. I’ll have more on the types of carpet cleaning and the things to avoid another time.


Today I want to share the #1 way to keep your carpet clean and extend the life of your carpet.


That’s right, vacuuming can keep your carpet clean in between professional cleanings. It can help to remove the dirt that tears apart the fibers.

Vacuuming your traffic areas twice a week and the entire carpet once a week would be ideal, but let’s be honest, we all have busy lives and vacuuming is one of those things that can always wait until tomorrow. So let’s say once a week.


TIP: Be patient and take your time. Since we already know that we aren’t vacuuming as often as we should, take it slowly. Allow the beater bar on the vacuum to do its job and vibrate the dirt loose. This then allows the suction of the vacuum to remove the dirt.

TIP: Change the direction of the vacuum once in awhile. Not only will this help to get some of the dirt that may still be in the carpet, but it will also help the pile (fibers) to stand up better, giving your carpet a fresh look.

TIP: Don’t buy the cheapest vacuum. Make sure that the vacuum you purchase has a beater bar or other brushing system and that it has a good suction.


Follow these tips and suggestions and you can expect to have a great looking carpet, spend less money on maintenance and enjoy your carpet for many more years.