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How much will it cost to clean my carpet?

How much to clean my carpet?

This is one of the most common questions that service people are asked on the phone, and carpet cleaners are no different.

Why you should never accept or give a quote over the phone:

Giving a cleaning quote over the phone is never a good idea. There are many factors to consider when giving a quote that can’t always be ascertained with a phone call. I learned this hard way in my early cleaning years. Some of these include;

Size of the job:

We had a customer tell us that she only had two small rooms in her apartment. We quoted a price based upon our own understanding of two small rooms.

Once we arrived it was easy to see that we had well under bid the job.

One of the rooms was a master bedroom which had a bathroom attached to it. You guessed it, the bathroom was also carpeted.

The second room was a living room combined with a dining room. This is 2 rooms by itself.

Condition of the carpet:

Something we can’t see over the phone are pet stains, wax in the carpet or red wine spills. As one carpet cleaning Dunedin, Florida client failed to mention, a large grease spot right in the middle of the living room floor where he would work on his motorcycle engine. These are things that require special attention, different cleaners and much more time.

Availability of customer:

Is the client only available on Sundays between the hours of 6 and 8am? Perhaps they don’t get home from work until 8pm. If we were to quote on the phone and then find this out when attempting to schedule the job, it would not be good. We would have to pay our technicians more to work the off hours, and maybe they won’t even be available.

Ease of entry:

Are there stairs to climb either inside or outside? Is an elevator available? Is this an apartment building where the technician would have to walk to the back side of the building through grass or other obstacles? We recently had a carpet cleaning in Palm Harbor, Florida that took us up a flight of stairs just to get to the first floor of the two story house. (We did not quote over the phone)


What furniture needs to be moved? Is it just a few dining room chairs and an end table, or are there large hutches and pit groups to move?

All of these things and more mean more time spent on the job and most professionals need to pass those costs on to you, the customer. The client should expect this for a quality job.

What is the average I should pay?

You can expect to pay between 20 and 30cents per square foot. Of course there are those that charge less and still do a quality job, and there are those who charge more and don’t do half the quality work of others. It’s up to you to do your research on who you hire. Please check out previous blogs to see how we can help with that.

Understand that the comments listed above are just a few of the conditions that can raise the price. If someone charges 20 cents per square foot but has to move furniture, you can count on paying for that furniture to be moved.


Due to a multitude of carpet and location conditions, getting an exact quote for carpet cleaning over the phone is really doing yourself and the cleaning company a disservice.