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Scotchgard: Is it worth it? Does it work?

Scotchgard: Is it worth it? Does it work?scotchgard

Fiber protector, commonly called Scotchgard because it’s the most popular brand name, is an after cleaning product designed to help protect your carpet and upholstery much in the same way that wax helps to protect the coat of paint on your car. But does it work and is it worth it?

The Story:

We recently cleaned carpet in Oldsmar, Florida where we applied Scotchgard fiber protector post cleaning. Two weeks later we received a call from the client. Her daughter had spilled grape juice on the carpet. She was frantic. We reminded her of the protector that we had applied and talked her through a clean up over the phone. What would the cost have been to have us out again to clean up the spill? A fraction of that was invested just two weeks earlier… and what a great investment it was.

The Facts:

The product will be applied evenly using a sprayer. Post spraying, the product will be groomed into the carpet using a carpet rake.

You can expect to invest 10-20 cents per square foot

The Benefits:

Save money!!! When you apply fiber protector to your carpet, your fibers last longer. How is that?

As you walk on your carpet, the fibers of the carpet become worn. With fiber protector, the coating of the protector will wear off before the fiber it’s self wears down. For a small investment now, you could save a large cost later by replacing your worn out carpet.

So, will fiber protector prevent spills from happening? Of course not. What it does is allow for time to get a towel and blot up the spill. Remember: this is a protector that is LIKE the wax on your car. It is not a hard shell because it needs to leave your carpet fibers soft, therefore it is NOT a cure all, but it can certainly save you a ton of headaches in between cleanings.

Another benefit is better vacuuming results. Like the wax on your car helps to bead the water so it flows off, the fiber protector helps to prevent dirt from imbedding into the carpet fibers. Now, when you vacuum your rugs, more dirt is removed.

Fiber protector won’t last forever. It will wear off over time, so consider reapplying at every cleaning.

As with all services, be certain to ask the technician questions and do your homework.