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Dust Markings & What to Do About Them

Dust markings are the dark lines that form on your carpet by the doors and walls. These occur when dusty or contaminated air blows along the carpet. Once the air reaches the walls or door, it has no where else to go so it settles in the crevices. You might also find them under blinds or curtains that are close to the floor. Over time, this settlement builds up and causes lines on the carpet.

Preventing Dust Markings

When you vacuum, it is important to get into the edges and crevices that collect the dirt and contaminates. Your vacuum attachments are very helpful for this, as they can get into the areas that the vacuum cannot. The back edge of the carpeted stairs is another area that needs special attention when vacuuming. If you keep these areas well-vacuumed and maintained, this will help keep new carpet fresh and clean. 


Getting Rid of Dust Markings

If you already have dust markings, a professional carpet cleaner will know how to clean lines that already exist. However, the success rate of removal depends on several factors:

  • Length of Time

The longer the marks have been there, the more difficult it is to remove them. This is one of the reasons for consistent and scheduled carpet cleanings.

  • Oils

Much of the settlement that builds up over time is oil-based. If oils have been caught in the fibers and absorbed over time, it can be difficult to clean the dust markings.

  • Cleaning Products

Even when used properly, household cleaning products can sometimes set the stains into the carpet. A professional cleaning should always be considered before trying to clean stains on your own.

Dust markings, also called filtration marks or draught markings, are common in carpeted areas, but can easily be prevented. By addressing them as soon as you noticed settlement in crevices, using vacuum attachments to effectively clean the areas, and making sure you schedule consistent professional cleanings, you can maintain your carpet and preserve the look and longevity of your investment.