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Red Wine Spills on Carpet – What You Can Do

So you spilled red wine on your carpet. It’s ruined! Or is it? There are a number of ways to clean red wine from your carpet with home remedies, but we are going to explain two easy processes here:

Act Fast!

Don’t wait until the spot has dried.

  • Use a white towel and blot the area. (Do not rub the area as this may spread the wine around
    and deeper into the carpet!) Work from the edges toward the center of the spill, as this will also help it not to spread.
  • Once you have blotted up as much of the wine as possible, pour a little cool water on the area and blot again. (Make sure to change towels before doing this!) The water will help dilute the remaining wine and make it easier to blot up.
  • Pour a little bit of club soda on the area and blot again. (Use a new towel at this point as well!)
  • Use 1/8th-1/4th teaspoon of bleach free dishwashing liquid in approximately 4-5 cups of room temperature water. Mix this together and apply by blotting with a fresh white towel. This should remove any remaining wine stain.
  • Finally, it’s time to remove the detergent. Use some fresh water (no mixture) and wet the area.Blot up as much liquid as you can with a dry towel or if you have a wet/dry vacuum, suck up as much liquid as possible. Dry the carpet with a fan.

A Little Now, A Little Later

  • Follow the first two steps above.
  • Pour salt on the area. Use a good amount as the salt will absorb the liquids over the next 3-12 hours.
  • Scoop away the chunks of salt.
  • Vacuum the remaining salt from the carpet.

This second method is great if you are having a party and don’t want to deal with it right away. Blot, dilute, blot and add salt. Come back after the party or even the next morning to finish the job.

Remember, the most important thing is to ACT FAST!