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What Your Carpet Cleaner May Not Be Doing

With the large number of “professional” carpet cleaning companies out there and several different methods of carpet cleaning from which to choose, it can be difficult to know what should be done to ensure a quality job. Sadly, the major element that many cleaners fail to do or don’t offer at all is agitation.


Imagine how your washing machine works. Does it rinse your clothes and it’s done? No, it agitates them. The pole in the middle of a traditional tub is actually called an agitator. How about washing your hair? Do you add shampoo and rinse or do you agitate and rinse?

Forgotten or Costly

The same is true for cleaning carpets.Why wouldn’t you want to agitate the chemicals added to your carpet before rinsing it out? It might surprise you to learn that some of the big national companies do not agitate carpets. Why not? My guess is that it takes a little longer and reduces their profits. Other companies may offer a deeper cleaning (agitation) at an increased rate, rather than including it with the standard cleaning.


When considering hiring a professional cleaning company, two of the most important factors are time (how long the chemicals should remain in the fibers before cleaning) and agitating the carpet before rinsing it out. When hiring a carpet cleaner, ask if they agitate the carpet prior to rinsing. If they tell you no or that it is an added cost, you may want to shop around.

It is easy to clean carpets the cheap and easy way, by skipping steps or neglecting processes that make a difference in the quality of the cleaning that you receive for your money. Make sure that you know what you are getting for the cost, and ensure that your carpets will be agitated before you sign the contract!