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Fifteen Facts About Carpets

While carpets are a standard part of our every day lives, there are many details about it that we are often unaware. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know related to carpet.

  1. Early vacuum cleaners were so large that it took up to 3 people to use it. 
  2. Several pounds of soil can gather in and under your carpet.
  3. The stomach flu can live up to 4 weeks in an unclean carpet. 
  4. A person sheds approximately one and a half million skin flakes per hour, much of which ends up in your carpet. 
  5. Actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston blame the chemicals found in dry carpet cleaning for the death of their son. This is called Kawasaki Syndrome. It should be noted that this has never been proven and experts agree that it had nothing to do with the tragedy.
  6. Cigarette and cigar smoke can get imbedded in carpet and put pets and kids at risk for cancer.
  7. Melville Bissell invented the first carpet “sweeper”. Instead of vacuuming, the popular term was “Bisselling.”
  8. “Carpet Bagger” was a derogatory term. It referenced Northerners who took advantage of the economic and political arenas in the South after the Civil War. Bags used to move their possessions to the south were made from carpets. 
  9. The air that is blown from a running vacuum cleaner is one of the top 5 places in your home with the most germs. I wonder what are the top 4?
  10. Bed bugs can move up to 100 feet to get a “meal” of blood. It can take up to 10 minutes to fill up and most people don’t even realize that they were bitten.
  11. The symbol of a swastika is found on many rugs because it was traditionally a symbol of good fortune. I’d still rather not have that in my design.
  12.  A person that weighs approximately 150 pounds can burn 125 calories by vacuuming for 30 minutes. 
  13. A rug is considered anything less than 40 sq. ft. while a carpet is anything over 40 sq. ft.
  14. ABC News performed an investigation of hotel rooms priced from $55-$400 per night. Let’s just say that walls and bedspreads were other places found with traces of urine besides the floor. (Wear your slippers!)
  15. Dust mites live in warm and humid conditions. They feast on dead skin cells and nest in dust that collects in carpets.

There are some fun facts here, and some that are slightly disturbing. But as you can see, it is vital to make certain that you keep your carpets properly cleaned and maintained.