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Commercial Carpet: Benefits of a Cleaning Maintenance Program

If you have an office or other type of business facility, it is important to understand that regular maintenance of your floors is crucial to keeping a clean and professional look. Further, this ensures the health of those working in and those visiting your establishment.


The more people you have in an area, the more germs there are. Heavily trafficked areas in a commercial location require consistent cleaning. Carpet acts as a filter for contaminants and, like any filter, can get full and clogged.


For myself, if I walk into an office and notice spots and spills on the carpet I have to ask myself, “Is this how I will be treated as a client of this place?” Clients and customers will view the status of your carpet as a reflection of you and your business – it should be a positive reflection.


Let’s face it, new carpet is a big expense. Why would you pay thousands of dollars for something and not take care of it? Especially when a maintenance program costs pennies on the dollar of your investment?

Maintenance Program

Here are some things you can do to keep your commercial carpet healthy and looking great, while being cost effective:

  1. Vacuum: Get on a program where an employee or an outside company is vacuuming the carpets 2-7 times a week depending upon traffic.
  2. Walk Off Mats: Have these mats at all entrances. Have them outside and inside. Make certain that they are large enough to allow 3-5 steps on the way in to help clean shoes. (These mats should also be professionally cleaned on a regular basis).
  3. Tacky Mats: These are great for areas where people enter the offices from a warehouse. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. This will help keep dust and dirt off of the carpeted areas.
  4. Plants: Ensure that any live plants have a plastic protector under them.
  5. Other Mats: Consider mats in pivotal areas like in front of elevator doors and stairwells or in front of the copy machine for additional protection.
  6. Exterior of building: Ensure that you have proper landscaping that will minimize the flow of dirt in walking areas. Make certain to have proper drainage so no puddles can build by the entrances. Also, make sure you are on a program to have your entrances and walkways pressure cleaned on a regular basis.

    Here is a good rule of thumb for how often a professional carpet cleaning is needed:

A) Light traffic: 1-2 times per year

B) Medium traffic: 4x per year (quarterly)

C) Heavy traffic: 12x per year (monthly)

Commercial carpet is a costly investment and should be well-cared for to minimize additional and unnecessary expenses. By establishing and implementing a cleaning maintenance plan, you can preserve your carpet and ensure that your clients and customers perceive you and your business in a positive manner.