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Understanding the Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

As you plan to clean your carpets, there are many questions that you must ask. Is the company reputable with good reviews? Are the technicians well-trained? What is a fair price for the service? What cleaning process is the best?

This blog will help to make sense of the three main types of cleaning processes and allow you to make an informed decision about what would be best for your situation. As long as they are professionally cleaned, there are good things about each style. There are some that may be better, but all have good qualities. So, here are the main three types of cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

  1. Most steam cleaning involves nothing more than a hot water extraction (not actual steam).
  2. While there are pre treatments available and solutions that might be added, it is basically hot water.
  3. This is the method that most people are familiar with. Why? National campaigns from big companies flood the TV and radio with ads.


  • Quick cleaning
  • Equipment contained inside truck or van


  • No agitation of carpet fibers prior to rinsing
  • Hoses may not be able to reach high rise floors. Larger areas may require hoses to be run through windows.
  • Doors of house remain open through process
  • 12-24 hour dry time

Dry Cleaning

  1. The area may or may not be agitated or scrubbed with a bonnet or simply vacuumed up.
  2. A product is either sprinkled or sprayed onto the carpet. The dirt and soils are then “attached” to the chemical (encapsulation).


  • Quick cleaning
  • Fast Drying (2-4 hrs)


  • Not great for higher pile carpets
  • Usually more expensive
  • May leave product in the carpet

Rotary Scrub and Extraction

  1. A gentle scrub of the fibers with a pH balanced shampoo. The fibers are washed and agitated simultaneously loosening the dirt and soils while cleaning the fibers.
  2. This is followed by a thorough clear water rinse and extraction.


  • Thoroughly cleaned carpet fibers
  • Very low possibility of spots reappearing
  • No need to call technician back out to touch up areas that did not come out as hoped


  • A little more effort on part of technician

So, now that you are more familiar with the three main types of cleaning, you can be more informed about what to ask for and what will best suit your needs. Above all, remember that asking questions until you feel comfortable with the company, technician, and process is your right and your responsibility.